Optimus Prime

  • Do you remember Optimus Prime? Here he is at 8 and a half years old. A little grey around the mask but in tip top condition. 

  • Zues

  • Hey Wayne, I just wanted to share a few updated photos of Zues, myself, and my daughter. He is growing a bunch, up to about 32 pounds now. He's doing great at adapting to family life, very easy to train, and extremely loyal. 

    Thank you again so much for allowing me to add Zues to the family. I'll continue to provide pictures as he grows.



  • Coal

  • Hi we... (Mike Close and i) just wanted to drop you an email with some pictures of our Coal.  His is healthy and smart... he is getting training and socialized and doing great!

    Cindy Close

  • Harleigh

  • Hello Mr. Kiser!
    I apologize for getting pictures to you so late. The email on my phone was taken off due to my phone being so old. And I hadn't put my cell phone pictures on my home computer yet. I found a way to get them from my phone to an email on my phone for you!
    Harleigh is doing very well! She is 4 months old, loves to play, she is so sweet! She is such a joy to have in our lives! We are very pleased with her! Everyone loves her! 
    I hope everyone is well there. Thank you again for our sweet baby! We absolutely LOVE her!!!

    Leeanne Dieringer

  • Grizzly

  • Sir, 

    Hello, we thought we would send you some pictures of Grizzly because we are so very grateful for him. 

    He is such a great dog and we thank you so much. We cannot get over the brindle color! He is so good with our three kids. We are convinced we will be Great Dane owners for life. 

    Born 1 SEP 2015 from Jasper and Aphrodite. He is devouring his three cups in the morning and three cups in the evening with chicken. Every time I go to the grocery my husband says "did you get my dog his chicken?" 

    Thanks you again so much, God bless you and your farm!

    Kristin Peck

  • Pixel

  • Hello Wayne, 

     Here are some pictures of Pixel! Sorry I have not sent more.


  • Its been a year!

  • Her first time in the crate, which she quickly out grew even though it was big enough for an adult golden retriever! We first tried a giant size crate but then quickly went to some portable fencing panels that have been wonderful.


    The first time we held her out at dream catcher ranch.


    Her first trip to the vet - she slept nearly the whole time...and she doesn't fit up on the tables anymore.


    Her favorite alligator toy - which finally had to be retired yesterday.


    This is one of Augie's favorite times, anytime the peanut butter jar is ready for recycle, because she gets to clean it first...I can get her to anything I want for that jar!


    Here she is on her first birthday - such a happy dog!


    She could hardly wait to get her paws on her birthday present, a bullymake box full of toys and treats!

  • Simon

  • Hi, 

    Just wanted to send you updated pictures of or boy. 

    Simon (the harl) he's so huge lol our black one is almost two and Simon will be 1 in February! He's such a character. We can't thank y'all enough for him. He will be living in the south in about 3 months :) 


  • Pre 2016 References

  • Boedy

  • Wayne,

    Sir Boedy Blue (just Blue for short) just celebrated his first birthday, and we can't tell you how much fun and joy he has brought to us! He has a great disposition and is loved by everyone who meets him.  Even the girls at the coffee shop know him by name and look forward to seeing him every weekend! He is 150 lbs.,  35 inches at the shoulder, and we are expecting him to be even bigger! But he still thinks he's a lap dog. We tried to keep him off the couches but lost that battle pretty quickly, and he has become pretty spoiled.  We are even starting to discuss getting another one, a female this time, so you may be hearing from us again soon!

    I have attached pictures for you to see how beautiful he is!

    Thank you for such a wonderful pet!

    Rod Boedigheimer and Sherrie Lennier=

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